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  • Trish Roberts

On Reflection: thoughts on being part of a printmaking group

I hover in my garden studio in a bit of a ‘dwam’, gazing out over the fruit cage and thinking about nothing much. I’ve been musing on how inspiration strikes, or is it that the artistic brain never actually switches off; that plans for the next print are already lodged somewhere, ready to emerge? A bit like gardening, there’s a dormant phase before the blossoming.

Talking of inspiration, being a long-term member of a printmaking group comes with undeniable advantages. The group met at the print room at South Hill Park Arts Centre – which itself inspired our group’s name – and we’ve formed strong bonds over the last 13 years. We printers are like-minded folk; the support and the banter, and the pressure of the next exhibition are great motivators. Whether we set a theme or just go with the flow of an ‘open’ exhibition, we compare, discuss, critique and encourage each other in our practice. In this way the group has moved on from strength to strength.

Back to the fruit cage - comes with the blossoming, the weeds. In amongst the strawberries yet to flower, and the sprouting stalwart rhubarb, they’re doing really rather better than next season’s fruit! I certainly should get out there with my trowel…

Nah. I’ve had an idea, a bit of inspiration….

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1 Comment

Mar 03, 2022

A great first blog, Trish.

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