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Planet Earth - Our Fragile Home

South Hill Park Arts Centre
Ringmead, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7PA

Wednesday 27th March - Sunday 5th May 2024

Earth, our home planet, is a world rich with plants, trees, fungi, insects and animals that coexist in a delicate balance through their symbiotic relationships. The members of Print at the Park have come together to celebrate this diversity and interconnectedness in an exhibition that features original printmaking.

They highlight the joy and beauty of the natural world whilst at the same time demonstrating the need to protect it. We humans are just part of the jigsaw of life and it is incumbent upon us all to do what we can to sustain our planet – together we can make a positive change.

Listen to the 12 Print at the Park printmakers describing the process and ideas behind a print or group of prints in the exhibition. See prints marked with 'A'

Print descriptions
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6 Urban Fox_edited

Urban Fox - Ros Ingham

'Elderflower' linocut, GG13

Similar but different: Elderflower - Gill Goodwin

'Ablaze' Solar Etching

Ablaze - Steve Gordon

Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves - Sue Pither

'Life Among Grasses' collagraph and drypoint, GG11

Life Among the Grasses - Gill Goodwin

High Spinney

High Spinney - Sue Pither

'Parched', collagraph, GG9

Parched - Gill Goodwin

Wood Wide Web

Wood Wide Web - Jan Bastow (A)


Octopus - Jane Gray

'On the Verge, 2' drypoint, GG5

On the Verge, 2 - Gill Goodwin

The Bigger Picture 2

The Bigger Picture - Ros Ingham


Mycellium - Sue Davey

Cow Parsley, linocut, GG12

Similar but different: Cow Parsley - Gill Goodwin

Neptune full length

Neptune - Jan Bastow

After the Floods - Lake Naivasha

After the Floods, Lake Naivasha - Jane Gray

'Hedgerow 1', drypoint, GG1

Hedgerow 1 - Gill Goodwin (A)

'Hedgerow 3', monotype, GG3

Hedgerow 3 - Gill Goodwin (A)

Bee Count Imogen, Georgia and Jenni

Bee Count: Imogen, Georgia and Jenni - Jan Bastow


Sunrise - Joyce Amirahmadi

8 Balancing Act

Balancing Act - Ros Ingham

No to Neocotinoids 2

No! to Neonicotinoids, 2 - Gill Goodwin

Nature and Evolution No1-Turbine

Nature and Evolution No. 1: Turbine - Paul Woolley

'On the Verge, 1', drypoint, GG4

On the Verge, 1 - Gill Goodwin

East of Eden

East of Eden - Paul Woolley

February Fields

February Fields - Sue Pither

'Raging Waters' Solar Etching

Raging Waters - Steve Gordon

Papier Mache Oak Leaf Bowls

Papier Mache Oak Leaf Bowls - Sue Davey

No to Neocotinoids 1

No! to Neonicotinoids, 1 - Gill Goodwin

Tipping Point, collagraph, GG10

Tipping Point - Gill Goodwin

Fallen Tree 2a

Fallen Tree 2a - Paul Woolley

Blowing up a storm

Blowing up a storm - Sue Davey

Lone Trees Were Woodland Once

Lone Trees Were Woodland Once - Jan Bastow

In my Garden

In My Garden - Pauline Mayer


Chaos - Jane Gray

'Hedgerow 2', drypoint, GG2

Hedgerow 2 - Gill Goodwin (A)

Nature and Evolution No2 -Engine_edited

Nature and Evolution No 2: Engine - Paul Woolley

We Saw Seals

We Saw Seals - Trish Roberts

Endangered 6

Endangered 6 - Joyce Amirahmadi

'On the Verge,3' drypoint, GG6

On the Verge, 3 - Gill Goodwin


Dormouse - Pauline Mayer

'End of the Forest' Collage

End of the Forest - Steve Gordon (A)


Saddleback - Jane Gray

Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku - Jan Bastow

Touch the Earth Lightly

Touch the Earth Lightly - Ros Ingham

Endangered 3

Endangered 3 - Joyce Amirahmadi


Glacier - Sue Pither

Lichen Tapestry

Lichen Tapestry - Jane Gray

warming seas no2

Warming Seas - Jan Bastow

Endangered 4

Endangered 4 - Joyce Amirahmadi


Hilltop - Sue Pither

Forest Textures

Forest Textures - Jo Boddy

4 seed shop cover

Seed Shop cover - Jan Bastow

thumbnail_3a seed shop detai

Seed Shop close detail - Jan Bastow

3 Seed shop detail

Seed Shop detail - Jan Bastow

Peregrines Roost

Peregine's Roost - Paul Woolley

Endangered 5

Endangered 5 - Joyce Amirahmadi

Deep in the Forest

Deep in the Forest - Jo Boddy

'Invasion' Solar Etching

Invasion - Steve Gordon

North Sea Breakers

North Sea Breakers - Sue Pither (A)

Our Home

Our Home - Paul Woolley (A)


February - Sue Pither

A Force to be Reckoned With

A Force to be Reckoned With - Steve Gordon


Stitchwort - Jo Boddy

'Survival' Collage

Survival - Steve Gordon


Toadstools - Sue Davey

On The Edge

On The Edge - Ros Ingham

Toadstools on Parade

Toadstools on Parade - Sue Davey (A)

Endangered 2

Endangered 2 - Joyce Amirahmadi

Hearts of Oak 3

Hearts of Oak 3 - Sue Davey

heart of oak 2

Hearts of Oak 2 - Sue Davey

Storm's Coming

Storm's Coming - Jo Boddy

Winter Grasses

Winter Grasses - Jo Boddy

Peregrines Revolt

Peregrines Revolt - Paul Woolley

No! to Neonicotinoids

No! to Neonicotinoids - Gill Goodwin

Hearts of Oak 1

Hearts of Oak 1 - Sue Davey

Tree of Life

Tree of Life - Joyce Amirahradi

Starling Reedbeds

Starling Reedbeds - Jane Gray

Winter Pool - Jo Boddy

Winter Pool - Jo Boddy

Is there Honey Still for Tea_edited

Is there Honey still for Tea? - Sue Davey

Carbon Capture Kelp Forest 1

Carbon Capture Kelp Forest 1 - Jan Bastow


Scorched - Jane Gray

multiple boxes

Multiple Boxes - Sue Davey

Winter Westerly

Winter Westerly - Jo Boddy

Fox Hill Spring

Fox Hill Spring - Trish Roberts (A)

Fox Hill Summer

Fox Hill Summer - Trish Roberts


Onlookers - Jane Gray

Fox Hill Autumn

Fox Hill Autumn - Trish Roberts

Fox Hill Winter

Fox Hill Winter - Trish Roberts

Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley - Sue Davey

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree - Paul Woolley


Oystercatchers - Pauline Mayer

We Will Survive

We Will Survive - Sue Davey

Warp and Weft

Warp and Weft - Ros Ingham

Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows - Ros Ingham

Our Green Canopy

Our Green Canopy - Ros Ingham (A)


Kaleidoscope - Trish Roberts

Endangered 1

Endangered 1 - Joyce Amirahmadi (A)


Turtledove - Pauline Mayer (A)

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