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Ros Ingham

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In her work, Ros tries to give substance to those glimpses or memories that otherwise pass us by in our busy lives. The patterns, rhythms and colours of the natural world often provide inspiration.


After studying the visual arts at the the V&A, Ros felt she needed to better understand the diversity of hand print techniques by getting hands-on. She has been a printmaker now for more than ten years. Ros enjoys the challenge of traditional etching, but also the spontaneity offered by solar etching and monoprint, and the physicality of cutting into wood and lino. To achieve the final work, she experiments with different inkings and papers, often combining techniques and building up layers. Each print can pass through several stages before completion.


Ros has exhibited widely with Print at the Park ( and the Reading Guild of Artists ( and in collaborative shows at OHOS Brock Keep in Reading and the Peltz Gallery in Bloomsbury.

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